Skin & Bone is a combination gallery and tattoo studio. The gallery will exhibit art and ethnographic handicrafts related to tattooing, while the studio will have Colin Dale tattooing alongside various guest artists throughout the year. Through his years of travelling and tattooing around the world Colin has had the pleasure to meet and work alongside a wide range of tattoo artists and experts working in ethnographic and other specialized styles. Amongst these friends, we have hand-tattooists from Borneo, Polynesia and Japan as well as some of the world's leading artists in Blackwork and Dotwork coming to visit. Check the homepage to see some of the work

Friday, 31 August 2018

100 Denmarks Historier

"100 Denmarks Historier"
is a series of small books on various historical topics from Denmarks past published by the Aarhus University. The lastest edition is on the history of Runes from past to present day and I'm very proud to have one of my works printed on the very last page of the final chapter on the revival of Runes in present day.
Thanks to Lisbeth M. Imer for contacting me and including my work :-)
The book is due to be released in mid-September.


 Eric's leg based on a Runestone from Näsby Odensala in Uppland, Sweden.
We thickened up the body to fit the Runetext and also made the heads bigger. This meant that the knotwork had to be much tighter than the original but I think it works much better as a tattoo. 
The Runetext is from Hávamál, stanza 18
"Only he is aware who has wandered much,
and far hath been afield,
what manner of man be he who he meets,
if himself be not wanting in wit."

Eric's leg won awards both for Best Ornamental as well as Best of Show (best tattoo made at convention) at the Malmö Tattoo Expo in 2007 

Skin Deep #292 "Copenhagen's Finest" Interview

Just a quick thanks to Beccy at Skin Deep Magazine for once again featuring my work.
Although I am just a small part of a much larger article it is still humbling to be included as one of the 12 best tattooists to visit in Copenhagen. 
However as the article states this is just an overview of many different styles and not a "Top 10" list. As such I'm very proud to represent Neo Nordic handpoking in Copenhagen among so many other talented artists. 


Cover photo

 View of Nyhavn, home of Tattoo Ole... the oldest still functioning studio in the world at Nyhavn 17 

Some of my more recent hand tattooing along with some ramblings... and my muse, Nanna

Monday, 19 February 2018

Under the Sea: Out of Step Books

Just wanted to thank Jinxi Caddel for including a few of my pieces in Out of Step Books new publication, "Under the Sea". I don't usually do too much Marine Life tattoos, unless you include Thor fishing for the Midgaards Serpent. Most of my Krakken designs were already used in Jinxi's first book, "Eight Legs of Inspiration" 
and a lot of my dragons in, "Slithers and Scales of Inspiration" 
so I had to dig into the archieves to find some worthy contenders.

While I am proud of my work being included amongst so many fine artists I think that what makes me even more proud is that my apprentice Just Sofie had some of her work included as well.
 Sofie had just started tattooing at the time that they were looking for submissions and due to her years sailing and diving in French Polynesia she was already directed toward marine life and Polynesian designs... but with only a handful of tattoos under her belt at the time the chances were slim. However I submitted a few of her better designs with my own just in case... and this is the result.


 Under the Sea
ISBN: 978-0-9961870-7-7
Limited edition of 500... mine is number 481, so if you want one you better act fast!
(cover art by Pommie Paul)

Jinxi's own words on the book as well as the out reach projects Out of Step Books does to provide art supplies to schools... and part of the reason so many artists are willing to donate their time and work to these projects.

A few of my older marine life tattoos along side a piece by George Bardadim (again) :-)

 Herring tattoo by Just Sofie included in the book

 Sailfish drawing by Just Sofie included in the book

Sofie back at work drawing more marine life after her 7 month sailing and diving sabbatical in French Polynesia

Some of the progress in the last year... with much more to come

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Ancient Ink: The Archaeology of Tattooing

It's funny how sometime in ones life all the stars align and what might to others seem a random series of events can suddenly merge into something more profound. Such it was with Lars Krutak and Aaron Deter-Wolf's new book "Ancient Ink"... collecting a series of archaological finds from around the world all related to tattooing and then having the researchers write about the finds. However this isn't just a dry book about the past, as Lars and Aaron are also well known in the tribal tattoo community, they wanted to add some more "modern" examples of the living cultures as well as those which have had a revival in recent years.
Likewise with myself... how does my study of ancient art, experimental archaeology, traditional tattooing merge together with my life in Canada and Denmark combine with my travels to Russia?
Well there is a thin red line which connects all of these events and people together. I just wanted to thank Lars and Aaron for letting me be a small part of this endeavour and the modern revival of a lost tradition.
I am also so pleased to see the new Pazyryk tattoos found by Svetlana Pankova and Sarmatian tools discover by Leonid Yablonsky (RIP) finally receive publication... but to discover those you'll have to buy the book :-)

Burn&Pillage Tour 2017: Moesgaard

Finally the end of our Viking Tour and vacation we land on the beach at Moesgaard
This year we were placed in No Man's Land... a little clearing amid the rose bushes situated between the large warrior camp on the beach and the actual market place. Nanna (as always) tidied up all the under growth and planted a little garden of herbs and flowers to make it more inviting to the public, as they filed past down the main road.
On the final day of the weekend a storm hit hard at the start of the first battle... thunder and lighting lit the skys as torrentual rain soaked the warriors. Because of mud the second battle had to be cancelled... but I'm sure the public got more than they expected with the elements adding to the rumble of the battle.

See you all next year 

Michael, an incredible potter by trade, had a God awful Kanji & Sun design on his shoulder. It had been attempted to fix at one point with less than favorable results :-( So I was actually quite flattered that he would risk another attempt to make something good out of it... especially when I explained that I would have to go much bigger. Thanks for the confidence Michael :-)
I don't usually do coverups... but when I do...

Love this piece and am looking forward to doing a similar cover-up on his other shoulder next year

The Brakteat from Naglum depicting Tyr losing his hand to the Fenris Wolf

Whenever I'm approached about doing an historical piece I am challenged to find a way to translate the design to the medium of tattoo.I'm not trying to do a photo realistic version of these designs but I have to extract the basic elements of the design and then make it into a workable tattoo design.
Strong graphics, which can be recognized at a distance, as well as a good balance of positive and negative space, which will hold over time. I also wanted to keep this one more traditional, working only with black and no dotwork shading techniques.

Vejviser, to keep this Viking on the right path.

A Nordic Wolf on Steve from England
Kept the design simple so that we could complete it in one shot... may add another wolf on the right side at a later date.

"The Lovers"
A Family tattoo combining the lovers petroglyph with twins hanging from their knees. The sunwheel binds them together with a flower of life pattern in the background

Life is a Beach

Loki... King of "Loki's Freemen"

Bifrost the Rainbow Bridge

Burn & Pillage

The King and his Old Man

The Midgaard's Serpent bites his own tail around Mjølner.
Did this piece many years ago... good to get some photos to show how well they age.

A little petroglyph Mother for Annik (Nick)... 
given to her by her sons, Janjesper and Kjartan, on her birthday

Sarah wanted a Nordic Fox tattoo and allowed me to decide how big I could make it and still have it look good. Went for a full sleeve :-)
Not specifically Nordic, but more inspired by the even older Pictish standing stones. The Picts were also tattooed and named so by the Romans using the Latin root as used in "Picture"
I really enjoy working with these designs as the spirals and S curves have a strong natural flow on the body and the simplicity allows me to cover a lot of area in minimal time.
Look forward to finishing this one soon 

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Burn&Pillage Tour 2017: Trelleborg

After Lejre we made the quick trip to Trelleborg

Started the market with a Moesgaards Mask on Frederik, who is becoming a regular client with his family on the markets the last several seasons.
The Aegirs Hjelm and Vejviser on the chest are from last year

and placed a Sun Wheel petroglyph on the inside of the arm as well

A quick walk in to end the day
Odal Rune

A Vejviser for Aubane to protect her on her journey back to Switzerland

Another Moesgaards Mask... this time just with dots

Rune Magic

Steven flew in from Canada  for a long session... we're hoping he can return to finish next year
Rune Dragon with the names of his 3 children in the body... they fell asleep in the car while waiting

A stylized Borre Bear Head for fellow tattooist Trine Glue

A little freehand Sun Ship on Fabien, who drove up from Germany for the day

and barely had time to start on Benjamin who drove over from Holland... but he'll be back in the country after New Year for a little more filling on this blacksmith petroglyph