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Monday 19 February 2018

Under the Sea: Out of Step Books

Just wanted to thank Jinxi Caddel for including a few of my pieces in Out of Step Books new publication, "Under the Sea". I don't usually do too much Marine Life tattoos, unless you include Thor fishing for the Midgaards Serpent. Most of my Krakken designs were already used in Jinxi's first book, "Eight Legs of Inspiration" 
and a lot of my dragons in, "Slithers and Scales of Inspiration" 
so I had to dig into the archieves to find some worthy contenders.

While I am proud of my work being included amongst so many fine artists I think that what makes me even more proud is that my apprentice Just Sofie had some of her work included as well.
 Sofie had just started tattooing at the time that they were looking for submissions and due to her years sailing and diving in French Polynesia she was already directed toward marine life and Polynesian designs... but with only a handful of tattoos under her belt at the time the chances were slim. However I submitted a few of her better designs with my own just in case... and this is the result.


 Under the Sea
ISBN: 978-0-9961870-7-7
Limited edition of 500... mine is number 481, so if you want one you better act fast!
(cover art by Pommie Paul)

Jinxi's own words on the book as well as the out reach projects Out of Step Books does to provide art supplies to schools... and part of the reason so many artists are willing to donate their time and work to these projects.

A few of my older marine life tattoos along side a piece by George Bardadim (again) :-)

 Herring tattoo by Just Sofie included in the book

 Sailfish drawing by Just Sofie included in the book

Sofie back at work drawing more marine life after her 7 month sailing and diving sabbatical in French Polynesia

Some of the progress in the last year... with much more to come