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Saturday, 7 April 2012

Something old... something new

Just a few extra pieces I did last week... thought that I'd post before the Easter break was over and I'm back to work

Here is a Raven I did about a month back to finish off a half sleave. He wanted Hugin & Munin, but the space left was too small to do 2 ravens without going below the elbow... so we had to compromise. A week later he calls me up and wants the second Raven anyway :-) I squeezed him into a cancellation I had while I was still psyched to continue the piece... never say never :-)   

   Jorn wanted a chest piece... shield, crown, wings, music, initials, a banner, etc. Lots of ideas with no real form. Sort of an Old School meets Heraldry, but not a family standard... just something personal in the style. He has a kinship to bears, so I drew a couple winged versions rampant... a crown and shield with initials in the top. København lion with heart next to a horn in the bottom (he is a musician) and lacking a latin moto, just opted for birthdate in the banner.

   My friend Arno from France who I tattooed a half sleave dragon in the early days wanted to complete the sleave in the same style but not another dragon. Went with a forearm grylemask wrap... unfortunately the dragons tail already came down onto the forearm, so we had a little more space to fill on one side than the other to keep it symetrical. A few extra twists in the mustache and beard solved the problem :-) We may fill the negative with some lighter dotwork patterns to tie it all together, so stay tuned :-)

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