Skin & Bone is a combination gallery and tattoo studio. The gallery will exhibit art and ethnographic handicrafts related to tattooing, while the studio will have Colin Dale tattooing alongside various guest artists throughout the year. Through his years of travelling and tattooing around the world Colin has had the pleasure to meet and work alongside a wide range of tattoo artists and experts working in ethnographic and other specialized styles. Amongst these friends, we have hand-tattooists from Borneo, Polynesia and Japan as well as some of the world's leading artists in Blackwork and Dotwork coming to visit. Check the homepage to see some of the work

Monday, 24 September 2012

Artistic Process

   Yes it has been awhile... been travelling alot this Summer, so many projects have been on standby. But now it iw full steam ahead to finish them now that the sun and holidays are over :-)
A new sleave project to balance some older work done by my mentor 

Three interlocking dragons, first visit... stay tuned

Been getting a few more calf projects lately. As opposed to a half sleave the calf has two sides which have to be filled, although the area isn't symetrical from side to side.

 The horizontal bands which are marked with dots will eventually be lined up and filled with a rune text tattooed by hand

John's Quadrupal Dragon Leg Sleave continues

Finished up the honeycomb dragon this time and outlined the scales in the last dragon

Another calf dragon on a client from Italy

Went with more free form unsymetrical dragons on this tattoo... one up, one down :-)

These days I usually prefer to do multiple dragons... it gives more variety in the knotwork and more options for scales. Very hard to cover an entire arm using just one dragon and keep it dynamic. However she insisted and I think we got it to work nicely :-)
Second visit

The Fenris Wolf bound by the chain "Gleipnir" which was fashioned by the dwarves from such intangables as... the footsteps of a cat, roots of a mountain, breath of fish, etc:

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