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Saturday, 2 February 2013

Artistic Process: New Projects for 2013

Some new Nordic Dragon Tattoos started at the end of The Year of the Dragon

A two day project from Jutland started shortly after New Years
Two dragons... one for each of his daughters, with their names spelt in runes.
I did big sister Caroline's dragon with cobblestone scales. 
Got one more session to complete this :-)
The celtic blackwork is an older piece done by Jørgen Kristiansen 

A single dragon on a Swedish soldier
He was wanting cobblestone scales in his as well 
Burnt my finger on my machine on this one

Had to turn down the voltage and shorten the stroke the next day :-)
Single dragon with his wife's name in runes above some earlier work by my old mentor 

Finally, got the machine purring on this one... rattling like a chainsaw until it hits the skin and then fading into white noise :-)
Three dragons... Frantz has the size that I could really bulk up the dragon's heads on the forearm to correspond with the one on the chest :-)

Nidhugg devouring Yggdrasil at Ragnarok.
 I realize that Yggdrasil is an ash and not an oak... but Rene wanted te design to fit with some earlier work we did with petroglyphs and oak leaves on his stomach.
The World Tree is depicted as an oak in many other cultures... like the
Crann Bethadh of the old Celtic faith. In fact the term "druid" is said to have originated from the Celtic word for oak, "duir".
Plus the leaves and acorns are so much more cool to tattoo :-)
Rene doesn't have an ounce of fat on him... but he sat like a rock :-)

Finally... finished this at 3:00 AM... Keefer was flying back to England that morning
Double dragons... one up, one down. An idea he's had for about 20 years, but only ran across my work recently.
I still have no feeling in my index finger after this week

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