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Saturday, 25 May 2013

Københavns Middelalder Marked 2013

Well we once again had a lovely weekend at the Copenhagen Medieval Market in Valby Parken. Despite rain on Sunday the most important was that it was sunny both for the setting up and taking down of the tent. Missed having my friend Kai there, but he had to cover the Faroe Island Convention that we were at last year. However it was cool to have visits from Kai's apprentice Markus as well as two other Top Viking Tattooists... Jesper Mann and Lars Martinen.
 Here are a few photos of the weekend.

Enjoy :-) 

Did this Vejviser on John the first day... inspired by a piece which I had done on Lars Krutak a few months ago. I have nothing against repeating historical designs as they are not mine to start with. I think of it as "Viking Flash" and although I've done dozens of these designs (and hundreds of other tattooists have used them as well) I think it still is far more interesting than the most original dolphin design :-) Aside from the actual historical vejviser I just freehanded my own spiral to make it a little more individual from person to person

An older Flash design of mine depicting Thor's hammer with the Midgaardsorm wrapped around. The Nordic sagas have many stories about Thor's battles with his nemesis. It was finally nice to do a hand poked version of this :-) I was also a little proud as the client, Lars has sleaves, chest and back all tattooed by Henning Jørgensen from Royal Tattoo

A closeup to show the detail... simple, clean and fast

A client I tattooed last year with a freehand version of the Fenris Wolf... here shown bound by the chain Gleipner until the time of Ragnarok. The Midgaardsorm and Fenris Wolf are both offspring of Loki and the Giantess Angrboda 
A serpent triskele that I tattooed on Minna several years back on Bornholm... still looking good after all these years :-)

Tomak is a very talented Blacksmith from Poland and has been involved with Viking, Medieval and Native American re-enactment for many years. We tattooed Tomek with a design inspired from the Iroquous and Woodland Cree... however they could just as easily be Viking, Polynesian or something other. We tattooed his first arm at Mosegaard last year and took the opportunity to finish the set this year. Tomek's forearms are muscular, thick and hard... it took me approximately twice the time I thought it would take to make this tattoo :-)

 Fellow Viking tattooist Jesper Mann sleeping while getting his chest tattooed
(actually the sunglasses were just to hide the tears :-)

I promised Jesper not to show his tattoo online (it is his own design, I'm just the craftsman)... however he agreed to let me show a closeup so you could see the detail :-)

Four days at the market, followed by four minutes in the bath...
Goodnight :-)

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