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Monday, 3 June 2013

Tätowier Magazine: Juni 06/2013

My good friend Claire Artemyz wrote an article last year which was published in Tatouage Magazine in France showing my work recreating prehistoric tattoos as well as the use of related art as tattoo designs. Now the article has now been published in German as well, in Tätowier Magazine. So to my Germanic friends... "Enjoy" And to my Francophone friends... you can still check out the original by clicking on "Presse" 
I've been wanting to do something like this for years... showing the original sources, the drawings and the final tattoo. Some of these designs are direct recreations of the symbols while others are my interpretation of the historical finds. 
Claire has previously written articles on my work with Haida tattooing, Ötzi the Iceman and accupuncture tattoos, as well as some of the prehistoric tattooing techniques I use.
An added plus is that the magazine also has articles on Marc "Little Swastika's" new work and Uncle Allen's move to Berlin

 Nano Gigantum Humeris Insidentes

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