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Saturday, 24 August 2013

Black Tattoo Art 2

Several years ago I embarked on a projekt with Edition Reuss to author and edit a book on Nordic/Celtic tattooing. The idea was to show the historical finds which inspired the artists, some of the subsequent art/flash and finally the finished tattoos, giving little history notes along the way. However after spending a year writing and collecting material we had a break in in our flat and the computer as well as the back up was stolen :-(
At this point I lacked the heart to go on with the projekt... however when Marisa Kakoulas mentioned the idea of doing a Black Tattoo Art 2 we discussed perhaps doing a chapter on Nordic/Celtic tattooing using some of the artists I had assembled... as sort of a plaster on the sore :-) 
The focus went a little away from the historical and more on modern interpretations and would present a handful of artists who specialized in these styles as opposed to specific works. It was an honour to be asked to write an introduction which would give some of the history. 
If you want to see more of the book just drop by the studio or you can order it from 
The book is 2 and a half kilos and doesn't fit into the scanner so excuse the quality of the photos

The cover... tattoo by Tomas Tomas, master of geometry

Introduction in English 

Alternating with introduction in German 

I really have to thank my good friend Kai for submitting the beautiful photos of his years at the Viking markets to give atmosphere and also to Zele for his Flash used to illustrate the intoduction  

 Head of a Double dragon body suit on Teit based on the Moesgaards Mask

 My muse
Tattooed by hand... one arm on Papeete, one arm on Vancouver Island
Borneo Roses hand tapped by our guest artist Jeremy Lo, also featured in the book

 Raven in a more Heraldry style

 Award winning backpiece on Alex from Romania
The world tree Yggrasil with the Midgaards Serpent in the branches and Nidhögg knawing at the roots below

 A piece by my colleague Lars Martinen. Lars has never needed to take photos of his work, so this is one I took. I asked Edition Reuss to replace one of my own photos just to show this incredible piece. 
This is all freehand work... respect! :-)

 Sort of a Nordic/Celtic fusion on René
The Celtic world tree Crann Bethadh with the Nordic dragon Nidhögg

 Teit's bodysuit from another angle

 Henriette's dragon sleave

 Viking mask with swastika pattern and runes

 I was also very proud to have had some of my work described and shown in the Traditional Revival chapter. This chapter is dedicated to the traditional tattooing arts and the people who are trying to keep them alive today. Here I am shown tattooing myself using an extinct technique of the Inuit tribes who stitched the tattoo into their skin. I began experimenting with these prehistoric techniques in 1998
Photos by my good friend Claire Artemyz from Paris

Here is a old Haida tattoo design sewn in using a needle and thread on Inge Mette
We discussed the idea of adding some more Haida work to the book, from other artists and myself. However there just wouldn't have been enough room. I'm hoping this is just a taste of some more work if they do a Black Tattoo Art 3 :-)

Here is a little promo text on the rest of the book

- Modern Expressions of the tribal-

Black Tattoo Art II: Modern Expressions of the Tribal, the second incarnation of what has been deemed the “Bible of Blackwork Tattoos,” 
continues the first volume’s photographic journey across the globe: 
showcasing the absolute best of tattoos that capture the magic of the ancient art form in exciting contemporary interpretations on the body. Within the 448 pages of this massive tattoo tome, including more than 600 images, readers will explore quite different movements in tattoo art. Everything is possible, everything is allowed: black lines, dots, plains, hand-poked or tattooed by machine. And the creative scope is just unlimited: gorgeous traditional tribals, elaborated patterns and figurative designs, to the point of completely free and unconventionally tattooed layouts.

The impressive diversity of tattoo designs presented in Black Tattoo Art II is based upon the great roster of international artists: 80 top tattooists from Saint Petersburg to Sao Paolo, Austin to Aotearoa, Barcelona to Brooklyn and beyond. They share their creativity, innovation, and spirit in presenting images of their tattoo and fine art work for this book. The book comprises five tantalizing chapters, preceded by short introductions: Ornamental/ Neotribal, Dotwork, Celtic/Nordic, Abstract/Art Brut, and Traditional Revival. Altogether, these tattooed works convey the endless possibilities of art that can be created with needles and black ink only.

Tattoo artists represented in this book: Tomas Tomas, Leo Zulueta, László Kis, Christophe Souloumiac, Roxx 2Spirit, Daniel DiMattia, Jun Matsui, Nazareno Tubaro, Bong Padilla, Rory Keating, Colin Zumbro, Andreas “Curly” Moore, Rob Deut, Mikel Johnson, Mike The Athens, Christos (Christ) Zacharopoulos, Psychopat, Gerhard Wiesbeck, Hellenic Stixis, Calen Paris, Jacqueline Spoerlé, Chris Higgins, Phil Cummins, Patrick Hüttlinger, Tim Hunt, Jared Leathers, Dmitry Babakhin, Xed LeHead, Corson Hayes, Cory Ferguson, Jondix, Vincent Hocquet, Thomas Hooper, Marco Galdo, Matt Black, Delphine Noiztoy, Damien Voodoo, Amanda Ruby, Tattoo Pink, Nathan Kostechko, Goldilox, Garcia Leonam, Kenji Alucky, Colin Dale, Kai Uwe Faust, Pat Fish, Dimon Taturin, Marianne Sundby, Eric Sundby, Fiumix, Kari Kjelskau, Raffaella Olomhè Ricci, Tor Ola Svennevig, Zele, Simone Pfaff, Volko Merschky, Noon, idexa stern, Little Swastika, Cammy Stewart, Jef, Cy Wilson & Caro, Ran "Ruiner" Maclurkin, Leon Lam tattoo, Loïc aka Xoïl, Yann, Elle Festin, Zel Festin, Tomasi Sulu’ape, Lard Yao Peter, Brent McCown, Durga, Jeremy Lo, Sulu'ape Pili Mo'o.

ISBN  978-3-943105-21-6

author: Marisa Kakoulas

large format: 24.5 x 31.5 cm;
448 pages
texts in English, German
more than 600 images and illustrations
hardcover thread bound

Price in Germany:  Euro 98

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