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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Trelleborg : "Burn & Pillage Tour" 2013

From Lejre we carried on to Trelleborg. Last year we returned to Copenhagen during the week to wash, work and answer mails, however the continuous setting up, packing down and driving back and forth for the weekends was a little stressful. So this year we just continued from one market to the next as a holiday. 
Previous years we have been situated down in the warriors camp with Loki's Freemen, however this year we were given an opportunity to be placed up on the market place which was much more visable. 
Being situated beside the Longhouse meant that Loki could hear the shouts of, "Bacon... Bacon!" eminating from it's depths on the night of the Bacon Party. He went into the smokey salty depths to split Bacon and Beer with his Freemen before retired to his chambers while the revelry carried on until the sun rose :-)

Loki after the battle of Trelleborg

A stylized Carbon Atom combining a "Flower og Life" symbol with my own Celtic aestetics. This design was hand tattooed using only needles and ink made from soot :-)

Finished up Henriette's Dragon with another 12 hour session

A Family Tattoo for Henrik

Close up

Jette receives a second spiral to balance the first she received at Lejre a week earlier

Two longboats... one black and one with dotwork

Loki's Swastika Tree he drew for Erik the Red

Lars and I discussing the days events at the studio

Loki captures a pony

Mmmmmm... pony :-)

Raven tattoo done only in lines

Close up of tattoo alongside the inspiration

A couple of petrogylphs on an "Ask" Shield Maiden
(nose courtesy of a felt marker :-) 

Trelleborg by Night

Axeman petroglyph

Rune Magic

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