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Sunday, 20 October 2013

Artistic Process: Odds and Ends

Well back from the Convention trail a few weeks ago and figured  I should post some resent work which is non- dragon and haida related


 Got to do a Thor's Hammer with the "Hammer of Thor" machine before giving it to my friend Kai for his birthday. This machine I had made especially for him using a Brass disc similar to ones found during the Migration Period in Europe... an early fertility symbol with 7 hammers engraved into it. Kai actually sells these discs and others like them.

 After returning I finally got to start Kai's right leg... a combination of Celtic animals and Slavic Swastikas. This is all gonna be tattooed by hand :-)
We did his other leg about 4 years ago also by hand and he graciously showed it at the Gothenburg Convention last month and won 2nd place :-) This design is much more complicated than the rune text on his other leg... but my hand tattooing has also improved in the last years and I'm probably doing about a third of my tattooing by hand now. This is Kai's own design and I am just the craftsman. 

Liverpool Tattoo

Continued with the Colinesian half sleave... now we just have to continue under the bicep

A Japanese Koi Fish... not my design. Outlined by machine and then shaded using hand tools
A fun project :-)

Started (and almost finished) a Latissimus Dorsi Raven on Nikolaj Ravn (Raven) from Fyn

Finished up Kim's Sleipner tattoo... just need some better photos of it.

And started the Fenris Wolf (another of Loki's children) bound by Gleipnir on his other thigh and hip.
Stay tuned :-)

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