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Saturday, 1 February 2014

Artistic Process: In Progress... something old, something new

It's probably a little boring for our blog followers lately as I've had no new work to show. However I wanted you to see that I haven't been idle either. Here are a few projects I've just started or continued on this week.


 Started a sleeve on a former clients son as a birthday present... Fuck I'm getting old :-(
His father has a pair of dragons, one with his son's name written in in runes. I'll try to get some photos of that when they come to visit next :-)

I did a half sleeve with negative petroglyphs and dotwork patterns on Nicholas a few years back. Now he wanted some dragons... but to still hold it in the same style.
Getting closer to finishing

Finished up a backpiece on Nial from England and then started on a leg piece on the same visit.
We will be converting Nial's leg into Yggdrasil the world tree. There will be an Eagle in the top branches, the Dragon Nidhögg knawing the roots below and Ratatok the Squirrel running up and down between the two. After the animals are in place we'll be adding an abstract pattern of branches in the background so Nials leg will actually be the tree.

 Haida Salmon swimming upstream... a continuation of a Haida sleeve project done using only traditional hand tools

We were going with a Four Elements theme on this one.
Sun for fire, Eagle for air, Wolf for earth and Salmon for water. Now that the elements are in place we will be continuing with geometric patterns in the background this Summer

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