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Saturday, 15 March 2014

Artistic Process: These people gave me their bodies to tattoo and you'll never believe what happened next! :-)

Some new dragons this week from around the globe
Funny, I just realized that I haven't tattooed anyone fron Copenhagen in more than a couple weeks. I'd just like to thank my clients for not only travelling long distances (sometimes repeatedly) but also enduring some killer long sessions without pauses. 


Continued another of the "Blood Gods" series with Thor fighting the Midgaards Serpent on a client from Norway

 Nicholas from Fyn sat like a rock for 7 hours.
Only a couple hours left on this Negative Dragon 3/4 Sleeve

Tattooed this U.S. Navy Seal with a Midgaards Serpent to represent his Nordic roots and in memory of a fallen comrade.
Being a seaman all his life his original idea was a Viking ships prow with a dragon's head that continued around his arm. He also wanted to retain the Rose Compass on his shoulder which was done by an Old School legend and had alot of sentimental meaning. We took the dragon around the compass in the simple S-form of a Viking ship's prow and then continued around the arm a few times before finally ending it in the dragon's mouth to frame the compass in.
The Midgaards Serpent is one of the three offspring of Loki and the giantess Angrboda... the other two being Hel and the Fenris Wolf. When the serpent grew to large the gods began to fear it and it was cast into the ocean where it continued to grow until it could bite its own tail.
A very fitting symbol for a sailor and military man  

Started this piece on Stefan from Sweden a month or so back... unfortunately this is as far as we got before he had to get the train home :-( 

Finally got another shot at it yesterday :-)
The problem with Stefan is that he has Big Guns with lots of Deep Cuts... so this meant that I was forced (more than usual) to run with the muscles and not over them. Took awhile, but I think we got a good result.

Gabriel from Spain wanted a dragon on his side which ended up being the ribs and hip.
First the preliminary sketch

And then the outline :-)
Took the whole outline including scales in one shot so that I could have them overlap the secondary serpent and lock it more in place. Look forward to continuing this in the Fall-

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