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Sunday, 6 April 2014

Artistic Process: Deer, Dogs and Dragons

It's been a good week for projects... started one, finished one and continued on others. Thanks to my clients for travelling great distances and putting up with long days of torture. 
The results speak for themselves.


Started a new piece on Mads depicting the world tree Yggdrasil with the deer Dáinn, Dvalinn, Duneyrr and Duraþrór who graze in the branches while the dragon Nilhögg gnaws at the roots below. You also see Odin hanging in the tree depicted by the mask in the centre. This was from an idea of the client which I then had to work out aestetically.

Continued Per's leg from the "Blood Gods" series. Have almost finished the Fenris wolf and will continue on the god Tyr on the lower leg next session

Another of the "Blood Gods" series depicting Thor in mortal combat with several dragons. It is JD's third trip from Holland... we were able to draw and out line the the left arm connecting the chest to the back as well as starting on the scales of two of the four dragons

Shorter session on Steffen from Germany. Marked up the negative space in the dragon and transfered off alot of the body which I will have to design the filler based on the Oseberg ship grave for next visit.

Finally finished up this sleeve on Rouven from Germany. One continuous dragon stretching from his chest to wrist. I really hope that we can get some good photos of this when it is healed... just don't know when that will be :-)

Continued on Steffen's Triple dragon sleeve from Sweden. This filling looks rather simplistic at the moment, but the dragons are going to be filled out with a longer rune text before we are finished

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