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Sunday, 21 September 2014

Artistic Process: some new machine work in progress

Been home for a couple weeks and trying to catch up on a few machine projects I'm working on. Thought it was time to post something before I head out on the road again.


Added some more freehand dragons on Claus to compliment his forearm and half back piece
Claus' back was featured in the book Black Tattoo Art several years ago and for his birthday he promised himself some more.

Ravens or Crows on another old client who is getting quite a bit of work recently after a 12 year pause

Started a Tetra Dragon sleeve on Yann from France. Good start, but a ways to go.

And finally finished Nikolas' Negative Dragon 3/4 sleeve. I previously had done a 1/2 sleeve of negative petroglyphs surrounded by geometric patterns on his right arm... this time he wanted some of my dragons but we opted to keep it in the same negative style.

An older "Tooth & Nail" Dragon from over a decade ago. You can see the NeoTribal influence from the time. I was really proud of these type of dragons as they fit well with the body and were able to cover a large area in a limited time. They were also one of the first designs that I had people start requesting specifically from me. The designs were good, however at the time I was only working with 3 liners and Pelican ink... so it was a nice opportunity to go over this piece and freshen it up with thicker lines and darker dots.

Round 2
Sköl & Hati the offspring of the Fenris Wolf (or Geri & Freki Odin's 2 wolves) around a Thor's Hammer
I really hurt this client the first time by outlining the whole piece in one shot (or so I thought... but he didn't complain once). However we have made good progress and I'm hoping we can finish the wolves next visit.

Start on Finn's Sutton Hoo Grylemask.
Future plans include Ravens around on the ribs on each side, framing in the Helmet/Mask.
(the previous work above is not mine)

Continued Thor's battle with the Midgaards Serpent from the "Blood Gods" series.
The client is a soldier and needed a piece that could be covered by normal clothing (in this case a pair of shorts) Technically this looks finished... but we still have a few hours on the nasty bits on the inner thigh.

A old friend of mine has been wanting a tattoo since she was a teenager. Styles were different then, however after her own 2 sons have gotten tattoos she decided to follow her dream.

Y sheep cant sleep.
The Y Ddraig Goch is the symbol of Wales and an impressive addition to this Belgian client's collection of travelling  tattoos. I love heraldry animals and would love to do more.
Round 2
And finally a one shot Custom Gylemask to balance a Freehand Dragon we did on the client's other arm a few years back.

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