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Sunday, 14 September 2014

Burn & Pillage Tour 2014: National Museum Viking Market

The Vikings are Coming!
Large Viking Market with horse whisperers, music and meat, battle shows, mead and "TATTOOING"
 I'm really proud (and a little surprised) that we got top billing on state funded museum event when you consider how conservative minded these institutions tend to be. It's gradifying to get recognition from the National Museum as it shows that they actually realise the historic and archaeological significance of tattooing throughout the ages,
Thank you :-)

The Vikings take Copenhagen led by Loki "Blue Tooth", King of Loki's Freemen

Street music 

 Outside the beer tent

 Just because it's not a find, doesn't mean they didn't have it :-)

 Hand spun and dyed wool lights up the street

 Loki's girlfriend Salma checking out the wares

 The Carpenters

A petroglyph design from Italy was inspiration for a new tattoo on Inge Mette who has been to the site and attended some lectures on these birds of prey

I reversed the design so that it faced forward on her leg and did it in pointillism to give it a lighter feel and more three dimensional look. Although all the remains of prehistoric tattooing have been rendered in solid black I like using this technique with petroglyphs as it emulates the pecking technique the original artist would have used when chipping these designs into stone.

 Here is another petroglyph from the same site which was used as the inspiration for an earlier piece on Inge Mette
Inge Mette has been collecting a fine flock on her left leg.
The newly finished tattoo... above that an earlier petroglyph from the same site done by our guest artist Cy Wilson a few years back, who is known for solid graphic work. Poking out from the top is the head of a phoenix hand tattooed by Tebori master Horimyo from Japan while guesting at Skin&Bone. Finally, Inge also has a Hornbill hand tapped on her foot by Jeremy from Monkey Tattoo in Borneo also while guesting at our studio. 

 Sack and Burn Charlotteborg!
The pyre for firing the pottery

 Heathen devil music

 Got to tattoo an Reid rune using a more caligraphic style to imitate brush strokes

 A brass band passed us in the nearby canal... Nanna's uncropped photo says it all :-)

 Early morning meditation of our "Ølsmed", Kristian.
Hard to remain zen like while sitting in the middle of the road in downtown Copenhagen on a Saturday morning

 Sifting through the charred remains of the pottery burning

Some of the finished results of earlier work for sale

 Our home away from home

 A woman's work is never done.
Brigitte gathering wood for heating the cauldron used to dye wool and faberics

 Cirkeline enjoys the view of Charlotteborg from our tent.

Cirkeline's market stand.
Probably two thirds of the comments were about our "Sabertooth Tiger Skull"

 Day two:
Tattooing Katinka, the daughter of two archaeologists. I was very excited to get to do this design, for although it isn't very Viking, the actual piece resides in the Prehistoric collection of the National Museum

The aurochs bone from Ryemarksgård has some of the earliest representations of humans carved into it.
There is much speculation as to the meaning of these symbols... some say shamen, others dancers, however they are more popularly known as pregnant women. As to the jagged lines on the right... no one knows. 

Close up of the process.
We placed the figures from the center of her sternum going around the side until the center of her ribs. A tender spot for a first tattoo

Lascaux cave painting of Aurochs

Auroch from Vig skeleton now residing at the National Museum in the same room as the carved bone
. The circles indicate where flint arrow heads were found... as the auroch was discover whole it must have lived with these marks from previous attempts on its life.

 The completed piece... nice simple linework,
my speciality.

And the wearer of the art work

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