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Saturday, 17 January 2015

Artistic Process: A few more Dragons

Continuation of some Dragon Projects since the New Years


 A Bikini Dragon on Troels who I have tattooed on several occasions over the years... all within the T-shirt area. He wanted to continue on the thigh, but being a mature gentleman wanted a "discreet" placement within the shorts line. 

 Something a little more complicated on a client from Germany.
I've done many different scale patterns before... my cobblestone pattern evolved to a Тетрис pattern which has further evolved to something I call "Tetriskelion"

The pattern was inspired by this Anglo Saxon broach
To be continued...

A continuation of the Yggdrasil Torso Project. 
The World Tree on Thorkild's back will be intertwined with 4 dragons coming from his chest and shoulder and ending on his ribs. Here Yggdrasil and 2 of the first dragons are nearly in place.

Ricco, an Italian client, has started on a sleeve depicting Nidhögg and the World Tree Yggdrasil. Shortly before Ricco's daughter was born his father died. Ricco wanted something to represent the duality of Life & Death. We decided on a depiction of the dragon Nidhögg which gnaws at the roots of Yggdrasil eventually biting through them at the time of Ragnarok. Nidhögg depicted here will have the World Tree sprouting from it's jaws and covering the remainder of Ricco's bicep and shoulder. 
Not that this is a totally dark image... as from the ruins of the tree, springs new life to populate the world.

Ricco, Melusine & Svea

Took the opportunity to get an Instagram shot of Ricco and his Melusine back piece with some of Nanna's tattooed porcelain... byMutti.
When we started Ricco's Melusine backpiece several years back his wife became suddenly pregnant... now that we started his Nidhögg & Yggdrasil sleeve she is pregnant again. 
Yes kids, tattoos work like an aphrodesiac and WILL get you laid :-)

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