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Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Burn & Pillage Tour 2016: Københavns Middelalder Marked KMM

Our first market for the year was the Copenhagen Medieval Market.
Held during the 4 day Pinse long weekend it fell earlier than usual this year and was rather cold. Aside from the cold and one day of rain the weather was relatively sunny and we had a fantastic time reconnecting with friends we haven't seen since last Summer. The market is blended... primarily Medieval but in the last few years the Viking reenactors have really been making a push to take over. There is a roleplay area as well where kids can get outfitted with the latest latex weapons or try their hand at battle against a Troll. Held in Valby Parken in central Copenhagen means that this is also one of the most visited Markets of the Summer.


Please people... only go to Professional Tattooists at the Markets

Loki and his girlfriend Rebekka... who holds her own with a sword

Started the weekend by continuing on a project I've been working on... Odin's Spear, Gungnir

Klaus wanted a spear up the side of his leg similar to leg tattoos found in the Hawaiían culture and of which I've done a few Nordic variations. Unfortunately a spear would have been a very thin design to set on a leg and still have it recognizable as a spear. To compensate for this we stretched the design as long as we could and then widened it by putting a Celtic Key Pattern on each side of the spear to frame it in. In this way the spear is still a slim negative space with a rune text down the shaft while the tattoo itself gets some width and strength. This tattoo was done over 2 and a half visits

Day 2
a Family Tattoo for Thomas

Man & Wife... surrounded by the Sun and 3 Daughters

First Tattoo

Day 3
Very cold and raining so I continued on "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" for the day in the back room on some warm lambskins

Day 4
Kept the day free to do some walk ins in collaboration with Loki

Had the pleasure of tattooing a fellow tattooist from Celtic Tattoo in Germany.
I asked him if he ever thought of taking up hand tattooing at the markets and he replied, "... of course not, this is my vacation"
Wise man indeed

Got to tattoo a heraldry design on one of the knights who was so persistant that I finally was lucky enough to find time.

One final Vejviser before heading home

And that was all for this year

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