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Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Burn & Pillage Tour 2016: Lejre

Lejre is home
Loki was conceived, name given and knocked unconsious there.
I started going there in 2000 to do experimental achaeology with tattooing and when the Viking Market was added to the caledar of events we joined in to be more social with people of similar interest. 
I usually have a yearly theme regarding my work there... making of ink, primitive tools and techniques, shamanism, acupuncture, etc. Over the years there has been a greater interest in Viking and primitive tattooing resulting in other professional tattooists joining the markets... however there has also been an increase in amateurs as well :-( A lot of the work we set out to do has now been undermined by shoddy craftsmanship and hygiene conceiled under the mantra of, 
"It's suppose to look rough... it's done by hand".
I guess this years theme would be to actually show what is possible with these primitive tools in the right hands.

Walk-in on the first day
Rune names for his two sons
Hnadpoking straight lines is difficult... freehand, more so... and on the ribs...

Started a double dragon calf wrap around an older tattoo of Odin & Sleipner
My client cycled 32 km each direction to the appointment and the same the following day

The finished piece after the markets back at the studio


Jewelry... my designs by ACA Kreations

And the new line of silver sleeved beads in amber or ivory

Fie's leg continues
Had to resort to modern markers to freehand draw the design which was dotted along the lines afterwards

Here we are connecting the dots


And connecting more dots

Almost finished the outline, which will be followed by even more dots

A Bear petroglyph and Sol rune on an archaeologist

Back piece I tattooed on Jesper when he was still a student.
Jesper didn't have much money at the time but he would come when he did... every couple months for a few hours, sometimes six months would pass. But in the end he got a backpiece to be proud of :-)

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