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Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Burn&Pillage Tour: Københavns Middelalder Marked: KMM 2017

is held in Valby Parken in Copenhagen during the 4 day holiday in Pinsen every year. When we first started going to this market there were only a dozen or so Viking tents, however this has now expanded to almost half of the re-enactors now. 
The market is very blended with Medieval, Viking and Role playing areas... although not authentic it is a lot of fun and great for kids who won't get bored even if you spend the whole day there. The blend of commercial items with more authentic craftmen also opens the childrens (and adults) eyes to a bit of history and craftsmanship.
See you all in 2018

I actually did this piece on a French Archaeologist the night before KMM... It didn't fit in so well with the timeline, but as it is primitive hand tattooing with a historical theme I thought I would share. 
The image is from a Paleolithic cave paintng from Lascaux, France which I added some freehand petroglyph figures to fill out the arm

Abby flew in from Dubai to get a tattoo of Hugin&Munin (Thought&Memory)
The "Thought": Odin's two Ravens travel the World and then return home to tell of all they have seen
The "Memory": a tattoo of Hugin&Munin to remind her of her trip to Scandinavia
The bound rune is is merely the initials for H&M :-)
A little Trollekors

Finished up Jannik's half sleeve dedicated to Hugin&Munin 

 Our Mongolian Princess, "Just Sofie" came out to cover for me on smaller tattoos by doing what she does best... Clean Lines

Got to finish up this Yggdrasil forearm piece... all by hand
(sorry for the shitty over exposed lighting)

 Started this Spiral Dragon forearm at the studio as an extension of a previous Spiral Dragon shoulder piece from many years back. Unfortunately we ran out of time to finish... and although I don't like mixing hand and machine work I thought it would be better to finish the last few hours on this piece before the market closed so he didn't have to wait a half year to get it done.
Dragon by machine/Spirals by hand

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