Skin & Bone is a combination gallery and tattoo studio. The gallery will exhibit art and ethnographic handicrafts related to tattooing, while the studio will have Colin Dale tattooing alongside various guest artists throughout the year. Through his years of travelling and tattooing around the world Colin has had the pleasure to meet and work alongside a wide range of tattoo artists and experts working in ethnographic and other specialized styles. Amongst these friends, we have hand-tattooists from Borneo, Polynesia and Japan as well as some of the world's leading artists in Blackwork and Dotwork coming to visit. Check the homepage to see some of the work

Friday 5 July 2019

Z-Tattoo #48 Summer 2019

Z-Tattoo was kind enough to do an article on myself and the new studio when we opened Skin&Bone 9 years back. Now that we moved location we figured it was time to show what has been happening since then. This was thankfully due in part to Fie with her Mother of Dragons handpoke project featured as this months covergirl.
Fie's tattoo is a year in the making and 100+ hours all without machine.
Thanks to Fie, Zsa Zsa and Nanna for aranging the photo shoot... and special thanks to Jakob Schultz for letting us republish an interview he did with me for the book Ink Slingers  


Narative hook :-)

Interview... special thanks to Highland Park Whisky for permission to use a portrait photo from their Twisted Tattoo campagn and to Sagneland Lejre for letting us shoot on their location.

Fie as Krakka from the saga of Ragnar Lodbrok

50th birthday suit
Four dragons around a Thor's Hammer... the heads resting on the hips and chest

Close up of Fie's leg along with work on Inge Mette and Erik
Some wolves and rune dragons

Leif Erikson half sleeve on a Vinland Viking alongside a triple dragon sleeve, Trelleborg mask and a Wascally Wabbit

Another angle of Fie

A few older handpoke pieces on Tobias, a blacksmith and Habba Nero, a tattooist... along with a larger piece in progress on Line

A few extra photos from Highland Park's photo shoot at Sagneland Lejre along with some "smaller" handpoked tattoos

Highland Park was very kind to fly Zsa Zsa and I over to Stockholm for the release of Highland Park's Twisted Tattoo. Finally got to meet Martin Markvadsen the Senior Brand Ambassador, do a few tattoos and taste some whisky. Not a bad way to spend a Thursday afternoon :-)

Since the time of finishing her tattoo, Fie is now an apprentice at Fair Tattoo in København under the guidance of Janni Roest-Sørensen. You can check out her work or make an appointment through her instagram.

The new studio is also approved by the Nordic Blood God
back cover of Z-Tattoo
Hopefully we will be having some of these made into pins at a later date through Northern Fire