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Saturday, 17 March 2012

Animal Ink : Exploring the World's Wildlife Through Tattoo Art

When Jinxi Caddel and Mike DeVries teamed up for the Animal Ink project it was a match made in heaven. Mike's hyper realistc wildlife tattoos provided the standard which was to be set, while Jinxi's passions for animals and veganism were the driving force to collecting and editing some of the best work from some of the best tattooists in the business.

When I was approached about the  project I immediately sent Jinxi a handful of photos just to see if it would be something that would be of interest. Unfortunately the deadline was already past and the photos were already in the process of being edited. She said that she would send them along but that it was unlikely as they already had more work than they could use :-(

I had totally put it out of my mind... but then, several months later Jinxi contacted me to ask where she should send my copy of the book? I figured due to the late date and the fact that I only sent a few photos that they must have just pushed one or two of mine in to fill up some corners :-) So it was with great surprise when I received my copy and began leafing through it. Page after page of  super Realistic animal portraits combined with brightly coloured New & Old School images which just jumped off the page. Amongst such quality work I was afraid my own would just blend into the background...

... Then BANG !!! two full pages laid side to side with 4 large images. I was not only happy to have gotten so many images published but I was also pleased with the quality of the images. They had reduced the red areas of the newly finished tattoos and edited them into a more sepia tone. Combined with the dotwork technique and no text, this made it feel as if you were looking through a family photo album from the 1800's. It made the work really stand out from the rest of the book ... Thanxox Jinxi for giving me the chance :-)

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