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Sunday, 14 October 2012

Artistic Process... and a few finished projects

 Well I just finished Alex in time for the London Convention where he happily placed second in the Ornamental catagory :-) Since they cancelled "Tribal" several years back in favour for "Ornamental" , the new catagory has been dominated by colour work. So it was nice for the Tribal room to finally take some back with my friend Brent McCown placing 1st and 3rd as well :-)
   It's not so much to win the contests as to just have a venue to show our work to the public and magazines and hopefully promote the type of cultural work we do.

 Anyway... here is a finished photo of the Yggdrasil piece showing the Midgaards Serpent in the branches eating his own tail while under the surface lurks Nidhugg knawing on the tree's roots which will eventually be severed at the start of Ragnarok

Not to sit on my laurals after London, the following week I started a new Yggdrasil back piece. This one will only go onto the hips (soon to come) so I set Nilhugg in the branches coming down at the roots. Hugin and Munin also sit in the upper branches keeping an eye on all that transpires in the worlds below and report back to Odin. The tree is loosely inspired by the Ramsund carving in Sweden. Lookig forward to finishing this one in 2013 :-)
Henriette's dragon sleave finally completed after 3 long sessions. Henriette competed in the Nordic Pistol Shooting Championships shortly after... and the dragon seems to have steadied her arm, as the Danish Womans Team won Gold :-)

I'll hopefully be finished this Double Dragon Calf next week... just have to put in 3 bands of text from the Hávamál by hand. I was really quite pleased that I got all of thhe overs and unders right on this one including the text... it was a real nightmare of freehand knotwork :-)


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