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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Artistic Process... Something old, Something new....

Been pretty busy the last couple of weeks and figured instead of apologizing I should just post a few excuses before heading off to Florence :-)

A new custom grylemask which I did on a client from Canada

I tattooed Aaron with another custom grylemask a few years back... however he was feeling a little unbalanced :-)
A former client of mine tracked me down to the new studio for another tattoo. What made me even more happy was seeing his former tattoo. I did this over 10 years ago just when I was starting to get a feel for doing freehand Nordic knotwork. The design is great... however I was only working with "3 rounds" at the time, so technically it could be better. But aestetics are more important than technique... A good design with limited technique can still be a good tattoo
A bad design can't be saved no matter how good the technique is.
I'd love to go over this with some thicker lines and solid dots... but then again, it might be a shame :-) 

Continued on Yggdrasil and I'm really thinking on going minimalistic on this one. The lines are thick and sharp, the design is solid... I might just do a Viking tribute inspired by the K.I.S.S. school of thought

Danish mother, African Father, Hawiían wife

Finished the Rune bands in the Double dragon calf. Took a text from the Hávamál in Old Nordic and transcribed it with an Icelandic rune Futhark (his wife is Icelandic) I did the rune text by hand... I love this piece and figured he deserved it. Unfortunately we didn't finish until 9 in the evening... his pregnant wife was waiting and they had a 3 hour drive back home, so I didn't get one decent photo :-( Hopefully we'll get some healed photos at some point
And finally, started on a new freehand  Double dragon half sleave. The request was for two dragons each with a head on the chest and shoulderblade, sort of yin/yang... and then down to the elbow. I tried to keep the design symetrical despite the non-symetry of the human arm.
First session... stay tuned :-)  

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