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Saturday, 9 March 2013


This is a catagory in my blog that I've been meaning to add for years. Sort of gives me an opportunity to show some things which really inspire me... sometimes tattoo related, sometimes just personal. However I think that they also serve to show my creative process, or just a little more of why I am what I am :-)

ManWoman was a popartist, friend, co-founder of the Reclaim the Swastika movement and an inspiration for a whole new generation of tattooists dedicated to re-claiming this symbol. In his half Century crusade he has always avoided any association with the Nazi party which so defiled this Millinium old symbol of love and life. It was therefore I was so surprised when he posted this picture of his newest work... caricatures of two lovers inside the form of the Nazi flag. Intitled (approrpriately) "Make Love, Not War" this is a real "in your face" confrontation of the prejudice that ManWoman and the Swastika have encountered over the years while still retaining his tongue in cheek humour. Just to accent the point, this photo was removed from facebook within hours :-( 
I immediately contacted ManWoman about purchasing it as I have several other of his books and prints in my collection, but not an original. He said that it was already promised to a gallery show in LA, but he arranged for me to purchase it before the show and have it shipped after :-) We also talked about how his new found fame and friendships over the last several years had really encouraged him to push back, as he knew he was no longer alone. 
Unfortunately MamWoman was diagnosed with cancer shortly after and died last Fall. I'm just glad that he saw the seeds that he had planted finally begin to bear fruit

After returning frrom Brighton a few weeks back I was inspired to re-read my old copy of George Burchett's "Memoirs of a Tattooist".. George was born in Brighton and grew to be known as the "King of Tattooists" . He is probably best known for his wife Edith :-) and for having tattooed both The Great Omi as well as King Frederik IX of Denmark.
Suprisingly when we were in Trollhätten last weekend I found a new publication by Jon Reiter called "King of Tattooists". I previously have 2 books by Jon on Amund Dietzel called "These Old Blue Arms" volume 1&2.  The text in all his books is rather brief (good for an afternoon read on the life of...) however they are also incredibally good quality hardcovers propped full of photos and flash never seen before. I think that  "King of Tattooists" should have been called "Memoirs of a Tattooist" volume 2 as the two books together more than make up for each others short comings and more:-)

My friend Tor Ola Svennevig from Ihuda Tattoo in Norway also came down to Tattoo Meltdown so that I could continue on a Raven we started on his arm at Borre Viking Market last year. He also brought along an original drawing for me of the Midgaardsorm. Tor Ola is a fellow Nordic dotwork tattooist and if you see the size and intricacy of this piece you can only imagine the hours it took to complete. He originally put this piece up for auction to raise money for the Amsterdam Tattoo Museum. I told him to just tell me what the highest bid was so I could top it :-) I didn't realize that it would get so competitive, so I'm just happy he's letting me work it off :-D     

Nanna was down south this weekend, so Loki and I headed to a flea market in the afternoon. My grandparents had a stand at many flea markets when I was a kid and spending a couple weeks with them every Summer holidays  left me with fond memories of antiques :-)
One of the first things I fell across when coming in the door at Tap 1 was an old electric doorbell... unfortunately someone had cut the bell off! Actually understandable if you've heard one of these things :-) These osolating magnetic coils were used from the early to mid 1900's and are actually the same set up as the electric tattoo machine created at the same time and still used today. I have a complete doorbell in my collection already, so I might think about converting this one into a tattoo machine just for fun. There was an added touch of a spring tentioning screw located just under the rear spring mount. 
For 10 kroner (about £2) I just couldn't say no :-)

While Nanna has been gone, Loki and I made a batch of popcorn and saw The Batman Movie from 1966 last night  Today at the flea market there were several example of Corgi Batmobiles and Batboats. However everyone wants an arm and a leg for them... even if they are missing tyres and paint :-( Luckily we ran across some other lesser known Dinky Toys :-)

And aside from the rocket shrouds was in perfect condition for a 4 year old :-)
Next acquisition is the Thunderbirds Dvd box set from Amazon :-)

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