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Sunday, 24 February 2013

Artistic Process... Odds and Ends

Finished up a couple projects in the last few weeks... and started a few others :-) Sort of a blending of Nordic, Ornamental and Haida as well as machine and hand tattooing. However I hope that there is a recognizable style emerging...  keeps me from getting bored anyway :-)


Finished up Jesper's Midgaardsorm under an earlier handpoked ship motif.
Jesper has been coming every 3-6 months for a couple hours for the last couple years now.
Just shows you what can be accomplished on a limited budget with a little patience :-)

 Started a mermaid backpiece on an Italian client this week
I used the Scottish saga of Melusine as well as the Pictish Mendle stone for inspiration

 Continued on the Haida Mountaingoat last week... all by hand. We'll continue with a Dogfish on the other side as well as a herron and eagle head above the wings already there

 Did a small continuation of some previous work on Mie.
Freehand and tattooed by hand

 Continued a dragon project on a Swedish customer above some previous work done by my mentor.
He was so happy after the session that he made an appointment for his wife as well :-)

 Started a new dragon on a Swiss client who will fly in to get it completed in a few months

 I tattooed a dragon around an earlier tattoo on this client and we discussed if I could do sometyhing about the hammer on his back made by some kitchen tattooist in his youth. Unfortunately the design was so scarred up that I didn't dare touch it... however we did a nice Celtic Mandala around it to fill out the back and take focus away from the hammer 

 I did some Celtic ornament to fill out Inge Mette's arm... abstract owl, woman and triskel figures designed after ornament taken from a twisted silver bracelet 

A rather unusual (or just original) request from a client wanting a Viking dragon tattoo. However he wanted a very simple rendition done in solid black by hand tools... perhaps much closer to what a real Viking tattoo looked like a thousand years ago :-) 

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