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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Copenhagen Ink Fest 2013

Well, another Ink Fest has come and gone. I just wanted to thank all my friends, famly and clients for making it a wonderful experience. Peter, John, Jesper, Alex and Frans for showing their tattoos... Kim for being in the right place at the right time Pernille, Henriette and Moshe for letting me do some incredible work on them. My friend Kai for supplying Jægermester and a beautiful Viking helmet for first prize in Tribal/Celtic. and especially Nanna... because it is hard to tattoo without a right arm 

Did this Haida Thunderbird on Pernille the first day... I tattooed the same design on her father last month.
 Sort of a father/daughter thing :-)

Kai and Mick talk while I tattoo Henriette on day 2

10 hours outlining on Henriette... she sat like a rock (despite the hangover) but we were both finished by the end of the day

 I finished up Moshe's Haida Dogfish on day 3 to accompany the Mountain Goat we did last month. We just have to add some bird heads above the wings to tie it together and perhaps extend the wings a bit with some dotwork 

Peter, John, Henriette, Jesper, myself, Alex, Frans and Kim after the competition for Tribal/Celtic

A better photo of the winning tattoo... 
Yggdrasil with the Midgaardsorm in the branches while Nidhugg lurks below

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