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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Inkslingers: Under Huden (Turbine Publishing 2013)

Well, Jacob Schultz from the Copenhagen Ink Fest just finished editing and publishing a book on a few of the artists attending the festival. If the publication sells well there are thoughts of releasing an English version as well as a second edition featuring more of the incredible artists who have come to Copenhagen. Aside myself there are also many friends, Jon Pall from Iceland, Derek Baker from South Africa, Bob Tyrell from USA and Kai Faust from Germany. I have a few copies in the studio... otherwise they can be found at most book stores.
I found the text a little hard to follow at times as they sent each artist a list of questions to be answered, but then removed the questions when printed. Makes to seem like the unconnected ramblings of aging tattooists at times... but then again most of us are :-)

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