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Monday, 26 August 2013

Artistic Process: Viking Dragons

I haven't posted any dragons in a while... but never get tired of doing them. All freehand work so no two are alike :-)

 Double Dragons I finished with Cobblestone and Scallop scales... around an old piece of Tribal Celtic

 One shot Dragon armband that starts with an double row of staggered Sharp scales

 Another Dragon armband I did several years ago with a single row of Herringbone scales. He came to get a tattoo from one of our Polynesian guest artists and I took the opportunity to take a healed photo

 A Single Dragon I started.

 Finished up Sune's dragon Nidhögg on his Yggdrasil backpiece with some Honeycomb scales.

 A Triple Rune Dragon sleeve. A very long text that had to be fitted and because it was his left arm I had to write it in backwards. This was not uncommon in Viking times as you find runestones with text from left-right, right-left and sometimes even alternating on each line. However it was a real exercise in patience and using my right hemisphere :-)

 Loki wanted a dragon sleeve of his own and insisted I take a photo of it too :-)

 Double Dragon half sleeve for his two sons with Cobblestone and Sharp scales

 Just finished this little Тетрис Dragon last week

And finally... a little Old School meets Older School :-)
Raven, Dragon and Three Drinking Horns combined with a Skøl :-)


  1. What does the text say on the Triple Rune Dragon sleeve