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Saturday, 21 September 2013

Stockholm Ink Bash : "Burn & Pillage Tour" 2013

Well after all the Viking Markets this Summer the tour continued to the tattoo conventions. Stockholm Ink Bash is rather special as Nanna and I only started dating a few weeks before the convention and I took her along to my first one. This was our eighth year at Ink Bash but we've always just drove over on Thursday and home on Monday. This year however we went up a day early so we could see a few things... foremost of which were the National Museum and attending Theo Jak's opening party on Thursday night. After spending the day walking through the Old City, we finally arrived at the National Museum... only to find it closed!!! After spending the whole day walking, Loki was tired and not in a party mood. However Theo let us loan an artist station in the back room where we could chill out... which turned out great as it was beside the washroom so we got to see everyone throughout the evening. Even had time for a talk with Phillip and Jondix about family, studios and travelling.
It was really great to meet and catch up with people... thanks to Theo, Alex, Brent, Phillip, Jondix, Mick and Sana for a great weekend

Loki's wall of Flash designs
Thanks to Kajsa and Emma from Red Rose Tattoo for supporting the arts :-)
After selling a few pieces of Flash and as the evening wore on, someone asked Loki to draw a design on his arm instead. Without a second thought he got out his markers and gave him a "Tusche"

Loki tattoos another "walk in"

Once word of Loki's designs got out he had a long que of tattooists wanting something. Some of his favorite designs were the sun wheel, triskele and swastika :-) He started at 10 kroner and with tips he had already made enough in an hour for petrol to get us home :-)
What was even more funny was at the end of the evening when these hardcore tattooists returned to have the tattoos removed before heading out on the town. Oh the recklessness of youth... and you do realize that removal costs twice as much as the tattoo :-)

Edition Reuss had just released "Black Tattoo Art 2" and had the book as well as 2 meter tall posters at the convention. I was surprised and proud when I saw a special poster that they made advertising the new Nordic/Celtic chapter in the book :-)

Working hard to keep up with Loki
I didn't have any pre-bookings this year which free'ed me up for alot of smaller symbols... just good solid lines :-) 

Potrait of Alex and Brent :-)

An Ægirs Hjelm and triskele tattooed to fill out a sleeve

Gimfaxi tattooed on another forearm

Bound Runes around an ankle
Just a few examples of fun stuff that can be knocked out in a short time

And finally... good night and thanks for another year :-)

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