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Saturday, 21 September 2013

Gothenburg : "Burn & Pillage Tour" 2013

After Stockholm we travelled to Gothenburg for Heidi Hay's Tattoo Party... after a Steam Punk theme last year this year was Pirates. Nanna and Loki couldn't attend in 2012, however because of the downtown location inside of the Liseberg Amusement Park as well as the child friendly atmosphere I made a point on getting them there for 2013. The Convention started early with a parade around town with the local Cadillac club to any tattooists interested

Nemo, Heidi and other lusty cut throats ready to set sail

Sana and Loki beside the Black Beauty

Loki's ride
He chose the Buick two door because it was faster than the Cadillacs :-)

We've encouraged Loki to always be himself... unless he can be Ironman, then always be Ironman!

A Bronzeage petroglyph ship design done in dotwork... unfortunately a little too red to see the detail

Quick freehand Odal on the same client

An Ægirshjelm filling an open spot on another sleeve above a triskele by another artist :-)

If you think that holding the convention in an amusment park wasn't enough entertainment for the kids... Heidi arranged a Kids Corner where children could chillout, get a drink, draw, play with toys or get a kiddie tattoo while their parents got a real one. Aside from this there were also kids competitions for the "Best Pirate Drawing" and "Best Pirate Costume"

Having been up on stage with me on several occasions Loki was very excited about the drawing competition and set to work on a Pirate Ship. However not content with the paper's size he taped two pieces of A4 together to make an A3 to get in all the details of this 3 masted ship both above and below the water.

Loki's drawing on the Wall of Fame

Some of the other artwork

Loki presents his design to the judging panel headed by Old School legend "Coney Island Demon"

The three finalists awaiting the judges discision

Loki receives his first place medal for "Best Pirate Design" from Heidi... while all the other contestants were rewarded with goodie bags :-)

Nanna was so proud of "her" son that she got one of his freehand designs to commemorate the event :-)

Not to be outdone by Loki, my good friend Kai Faust entered his leg tattoo in the Ornamental competition. This design was drawn by Kai and I am just the craftsman. It's placement is in the style of traditional Hawaiían tattoos, while the design is strictly Nordic. Special thanks to Kai :-) 
Unfortunately we only placed second... however happily this was due to Pero from Lucky Seven Tattoo in Oslo entering with a Full Celtic Back Piece. Pero is an Old School tattooist and I've never seen his back before... in fact I haven't seen a tattoo like that in 20 years. Which wasn't surprising, as it was 20 years old and looked just as clean as if it had been made last week... Respect! 

Fellow Nordic tattooist Kari Kjelskau from Memento Tattoo in Oslo wanted a glyph sewn into her finger as a memento of her family

Sewing in progress

Finished glyph

A bound rune on fellow tattooist Gunnar Foley to give him safe journeys

Gunnar's new tattoo guarded him on his trip to Iceland where we saw him next

Present for the shop from Gunnar :-)

Tattooing my good friend Johannes "Joey" Bengtsson from Crooked Moon Tattoo
Very proud as I've known Joey since he was an apprentise

Fenris biting the hand of Tyr

Old School present from "Jackknife" Joey

Loki's award winning design :-) Cannons belching fire above glass covered portholes. Jolly Rodger flies above while sharks, crabs and octopi dwell below. He even thought of a rudder :-)
Very Proud Parent :-)

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