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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

NTA Convention 2014: Lions and Dragons and Beers, Oh My!

Just back from the National Tattoo Association Convention in Orange County California. Got to hang out with my good friends and fellow Tribal/Celtic artists, Pat Fish, Rory Keating and Colin Fraser Purcell as well as Tattoo legend Lyle Tuttle. However the high point would probably have been finally meeting Leo Zulueta and paying him back the $100 I owed him :-)


Copyright infringements :-)

Done over 2 days at the NTA Convention

Got home at 22:00 from California and started this 12 hours later... also done by hand.
It is to represent his 2 children, snake and dragon. We will be adding their names, Saga and Baldur in runes and then placing a Celtic heart between the heads and over his own heart... to represent him and his wife, as well as the fact that children will rip your heart out :-)

A little Heraldry Lion on a Police officer from the Farø Islands with the text Dania and his daughters birthdate 

 A little add on to a dragon I did many years ago. Claus just turned 50. I tattooed him years ago with a half back dragon with runes for his children's names. His tattoo was featured in the book Black Tattoo Art several years back and since that time I have also began tattooing his son :-)

 Start of a new "Blood Gods" project on a half torso. Here we see Odin battling the Fenris Wolf at Ragnarok. We will continue down the leg with Thor's battle with the Midgaards Serpent and then have Hugin & Munin on his shoulder blade and shoulder

 Finished up this Bikini Dragon just before my trip. Runetexts normally will start from the dragon's head which meant that it had to be written in from right to left. This was a common practise in Viking times but difficult to do when brought up with the English language. If you're having problems just hold it up to a mirror :-)

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