Skin & Bone is a combination gallery and tattoo studio. The gallery will exhibit art and ethnographic handicrafts related to tattooing, while the studio will have Colin Dale tattooing alongside various guest artists throughout the year. Through his years of travelling and tattooing around the world Colin has had the pleasure to meet and work alongside a wide range of tattoo artists and experts working in ethnographic and other specialized styles. Amongst these friends, we have hand-tattooists from Borneo, Polynesia and Japan as well as some of the world's leading artists in Blackwork and Dotwork coming to visit. Check the homepage to see some of the work

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Polynesian Guest Artist: Dmitry Babakhin

Once again we were very happy to have Dmitri Babakhin
 from "Bang Bang Custom Tattoo" in St. Petersburg, Russia visiting Skin&Bone
Through my years of travel I've met and befriended many traditional Polynesian artists from Samoa, Tahiti, Hawaií and New Zealand. Dmitry Babakhin is "Not" one of these :-) Dmitri comes from St Petersburg Russia... which is as far away from French Polynesia as you can get. Despite this "handicap" Dmitri had a burning desire to specialize in the Polynesian style. As the Polynesian style has blossomed over the years, Dmitry has been at the forefront... and by specializing where there are no others, Dmitry has acquired more experience at large scale Polynesian tattooing than most native tattooists have. So if you have ever wanted a Polynesian tattoo but couldn't afford the ticket to Tahiti, here is your chance to get something from a Master and Ambassador of this style.

The Mad Russian

Continuation of an older piece

 Continuation of a sleeve 

 One shot half sleeve
Dmitry was averaging a half sleeve every working day while at Skin&Bone
fast and beautiful

 Another happy client

Start of a Marquasien leg sleeve around a sun by another tattooist.
It pays to go to someone specializing in ther style

 Finished up Christian's chest piece around some older pieces from other artists

Started up a sleeve/chest piece project to be continued at a later point

And a little something for the ladies

Three of our Polynesian guest artists at once... Dmitry, Jean Michel and Mike from 2013

Dmitry at work...

In progress...

And the finished product.


  1. Really great artists in a wonderful and relaxes atmosphere!
    /"happy client" kristoffer