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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Burn & Pillage Tour 2014: Trælleborg

Trælleborg in Denmark is a fantastic market situated at an old fortress. It has a good blend of craftsmen for the market but also a very large group of warriors who gather and train, sing and drink daily in preparation for the huge battles staged on the weekend. The Viking hall we were situated beside is a gathering place in the evenings which made for a few late nights.
But how can you complain with a view like this?


The grand hall where we attended the famous Bacon Party as well as a more intimate wedding dinner for Jette and Martin

After driving 6 hours through the rain we arrived just in time to set up before the downpour caught up with us :-)

Tattooed our friend Thorgrimur from Tyrol with a petroglyph ship and sun in negative with a swastika pattern background. We hope that this will help guide him in his travels.

Hallthor, another Tyrol warrior got a World Tree on his chest with runes to represent his siblings

Two days drawing and tattooing... we may add roots at some point, but that is all for now.

After the evening downpour the rest of the week was hot and sunny.


Continued on the Thunderbird project on this firefighter.
He wanted a Phoenix in the Haida style and as the Thunderbird shares many of the attributes of a Phoenix as an element of fire it is also a bringer of rain. A great symbol for a fireman.

If Nanna didn't take photos, I'd have nothing to show of our journeys other than tattoos

I go to bed with this in the evenings... wake up to this in the mornings... and in between I get to doodle on people. Not a bad life really :-)
Nanna and Loki at the wedding ceremony

Continued a few hours on a rib piece. 
Sibling rivalry with serpent and dragon intertwined

Another serpent and dragon on this young shield maiden who I had a little extra time to press in.

"The Little Prince" in his royal blue jacket all hand sewn by his Mom

 "Put on your war face soldier!"

A couple Iron Age tetraskeles on an old client and his younger nephew

 Kim and Kenneth

Had a few hours in the morning to press in another "walk in" before we packed down and headed for Moesgaard. Ægirshjelm and Vejviser

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