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Sunday, 17 August 2014

Burn & Pillage Viking Tour 2014: Lejre

Lejre has always been a highlight of our year. I've been doing experimental archaeology there through tattooing since 2000. Over the last handful of years we have joined their Viking Market which has been growing yearly. There are other markets (and now other artists) but this is where it all started :-)


 Angelica's new jewelry

 Angelica wanted a serpent wrapped around forearm 4 times to symbolize the bond between her and her siblings. This design is stylized after silver armbands found all the way back in the Iron Age and were also prevelant i Viking times as well

 Finished Eric's Ravens, Hugin & Munin to represent Thought and Memory. He wanted the Ravens facing outward, keeping an eye on the Big Picture. It also serves as a form of protection for the central Bound Rune and Spiral we did on his chest a few Summers back at Lejre.
The central symbol was tattooed at Lejre shortly after the death of Eric's father. It was tattooed only using soot and human ash. The results are a little lighter than with tattoo ink, but makes the look like it has been there his whole life... which it has :-) 

 Back to Black
When I started hand tattooing back in the 90s Tribal tattoos were very popular. Being influenced by cultural designs and techniques meant that all of my early hand work was rendered in solid black and lines, which I became quite adept at. I always tried to keep my hand tattooing separate from my machine work however over the years of travelling I've had more and more people requesting my own designs when abroad. This has meant that I have had to add the dotwork technique to my hand repertoire the last decade or so. However it is always great to go back to ones roots :-)
 Mikkæl has slowly been collecting two sleaves of graphic symbols... Triple drinking horns, Valknud, Thor's Hammer, Eye of Odin, Sun wheel...

 Yggdrasil, Triskele...

and now a Raven

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