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Sunday, 17 August 2014

Burn & Pillage Viking Tour 2014: Børre

Well, the Burn&Pillage Tour went very well this year... 4 weeks tattooing by hand out of a tent in some of the warmest weather we've had in years :-) Our tour started at Børre on the Oslo fjørd. This market is a bi-annual event and one of the largest gathering of Viking craftsmen of the year.

Last tattoo at the studio before heading on tour. I did the Thor's Hammer with Midgaard's Serpent at a market a few years back and he wanted The World Tree Yggdrasil with Hugin&Munin sitting in the branches to compliment it

Jette and Martin were getting married at Trælleborg Market this Summer and opted for matching tattoos instead of rings. Danish law states that it is illegal to tattoo the Head, Hands and Neck however, so they got their tattoos a few weeks early while we were still in Norway

 Did a whale tattoo on Niklas taken from a petroglyph site in Tromsø, Norway

 Proof that I am a "Kitchen Tattooist"

 Tattooed another petrogyph design in dotwork on Niklas' wife to represent their family

 I tattooed the blacksmith/knifemaker Tomek several years back and was finally allowed to tattoo his wife Anna Maria with a simple Slavic pattern from the Viking age

 Anna Maria with her new jewelry

 Skin&Bone open for business

 Relaxing while tattooing Eric the Minnisota Viking

 The first Raven of his chest piece. I tattooed the Bound Rune and Spiral on Eric several years back at Lejre in memory of his recently deceased dad. The tattoo was done using only soot mixed with the ashen remains of his father. It turned out a little lighter than with tattoo ink but I am still very pleased with the results

 An Inuit design sewn into the skin. I've been using this technique since 1998... first on myself and then on other interested individuals. Although I don't see a renaissance in the technique itself it would be nice to see the Inuit people begin using the traditional tattooing designs from their culture again.
 A second Inuit pattern tattooed on seamstress Brigitte Jersøe. Brigitte was born in Greenland and we hope to add a little sewing into the design as we progress around the leg.

A person snowshoeing taken from a petrogyph found in Alta, Norway

 Cecillia, one of the organizers of the Børre Market received a Viking pattern taken from the bottom of a silver bowl and which is used as the logo for her Viking group. We only got the outline finished but will be filling it out at a later date.

 Loki's selfie

Nanna by night

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