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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Artistic Process: some new "machine-free" tattooing

I've been catching up on some larger machine projects since the market season, but here are a few hand tattoos done at the studio and conventions in the last month or so.


Well, we finally got the new T-shirts printed. I must say I was a little surprised at the overwhelming response they have received. What started as a funny idea to poke fun at machine tattooists has turned into a real phenomenon... or perhaps it is just Loki's pretty face that sells :-)
I just wanted to thank Henrik Lund Mikkelsen at for bringing our vision to life and to Boff Konkerz for coining the phrase "machine-free tattooing"
We will soon be taking orders for these and will also have stickers of the design if you drop by the studio.

Deyr fé,
deyja frændr,
deyr sjalfr it sama,
ek veit einn,
at aldrei deyr:
dómr um dauðan hvern.
The client originally wanted this phrase in one line around his forearm... well, we kept it to "one line", however it ended up wrapping 4 times around the forearm. Much better and stronger composition

Added a Couger and Wolf to each side of a Haida tree I did earlier this year. Just have to add some tails under the bicep and we are done

Finally got a healed photo of these two calf pieces. 
The Thor's Hammer with Midgaards Serpent was done a few years back at a Viking Market.
The Yggdrasil with Odin's 2 ravens Hugin & Munin in the branches was done earlier this Spring.

Day 1 at the Stockholm Ink Bash.
Custom Thor's Hammer with Grylemask over 7 hours

Day 2 at Stockholm Ink Bash
Custom "Tooth & Nail" Dragon with round Carp scales and lots of spirals to keep it feminine.
Done over 9 hours

Day 3 at Stockholm Ink Bash
Some more feminine tattooing in the form of Inuit sewing

Some inspiration for the design

 Did the fingers below some previous sewing on the wrists the other year 

And finally... not my usual thing design wise, 
but solid lines and dots are. 

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