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Monday, 6 October 2014

Acquisitions: Loki's hoard

I haven't done an "Aquisitions" post in a while... however when going through photos I ran across more of Loki's things than our own. For the first 5 years of Loki's life we never celebrated Christmas or birthdays... however travelling has also meant that Loki has seen alot of things and made alot of friends along the way. Here are a few things that he has collected in his travels over the last few years.
Better to have one good thing than 10 disposable ones.


As often as I'm amazed with the time and detail Loki sets into his drawings and lego creations I'm even more intrigued by his skills with minimalism

I know that I've shown this photo before... still laugh everytime I see it though. I've had this idea for T-shirts for a couple years now. I explained the idea to my client Henrik Lund Mikkelsen at HLMS Design and he quickly not only made the design but also had a test copy made as a gift for Loki

A fox cranium given to Loki as gift from the friend of a client. 
Still has to be cleaned

 More dead things.
I picked up this mummified calf in Berlin last year and Loki adopted him

Loki found these silver and brass Tibetian skulls in Milano last year and begged until he got one... at least he never begs for candy.
There is a hidden compartment in the back for smuggling.
If it hadn't have been so cool we probably wouldn't have bought it for him... but the kid knows quality

Vintage Viking Lego with ship and Midgaards Serpent
Found online by his sister Pernille and brother Asbjørn
One of the few things we keep him from breaking apart and rebuilding with other pieces

A limited edition print given to Loki by Jacob Petersen at Crooked Moon Tattoo
You'd think that Master Yoda knew Loki personally

Loki's Viking jacket sewn by hand for him by his loving mother.
Something befitting the King of Loki's Freemen

Loki came up to me at the Trælleborg Viking Market and asked for, "400 moneys". I asked him what it was for and he told me he wanted to buy a dragon from Jens Perleberg. I told him, "No, it was too much money". He came back later that day and asked for, "300 moneys"... I thought he had just found another dragon and said, "No". The next day he asked for, "200 moneys" and later for , "150 moneys". 
I was walking past Jens' the following day and he laughed and asked me if I had come to buy the dragon? and then related the whole story of Loki coming down the last few days and bartering with him in English to get him down in price. He said that he couldn't go lower as that was his cost.
So... being the proud father that I was I told Loki that if he really wanted the dragon he would have to buy it with his own "moneys". We opened his piggy bank and he went down to Jens and bought it himself

A polished Sperm Whale tooth from Kirsten at the Børre Viking Market

Last year in Brighton we ran across a gallery exhibiton of limited edition gele prints all signed by Stan "The Man" Lee. There was a selection of 6 different covers from some of the most iconic issues in Marvel comics history all selected by Stan himself. Nanna and I decided that we would invest in one for Loki's birthday. While I really wanted the Silver Surfer issue where he battles Thor we decided that Loki should have the choice as it was his present. 
Well the Hulk is pretty cool too. 

Jean Michel Manutea gave Loki a Scout Compass as a gift when he was visiting us this Summer. Later that Summer I had a facebook friend send a Vejviser which he had laser cut out of stainless steel to us. As we already have more necklaces than we can go around with I figured it would be the perfect companion to the compass.
You can never be too safe.

To all you Hipsters in your flannel shirts and horn rimmed glasses, and all you Rockabillies in your flood pants and bowling shirts.
You may think that you are all cool and retro... But you will NEVER be as cool as Loki in his vintage Cub Scout's Uniform!
Passed down from Uncle Kevin to Uncle Mark to Cousin Kristoffer and finally to Loki

Lars and I ordered a few stainless steel "Swasticks" from Bealze Bub for hand tattooing. B not only sent us some but sent one for Loki as well, with his name and a swastika engraved on the side of it.
I made a photo for B using our (pre-war) Carlsberg flag as a background and my extra brass Swastick to complete the tetraskele

At the London Convention last week I ran into my friend Wayne McGee the Bone Collector from "Stones&Bones". Wayne is a gem dealer who does alot of carving in natural materials and always has a dozen things I want to buy. Among his collection of bone and ivory carving he also had other items he was selling for others which I just glanced over. However upon returning for a second look there were 3 bronze skeletons which caught my attention. Wayne asked if I knew what they were,.. and I did indeed.
I grew up with Ray Harryhausen and his films had a profound influence on me as a child

Loki and I also now share these memories
As any parent introduces there children to music, art, sports and film they also enjoyed. Loki and I have seen Clash of the Titans, Valley of Gwangi, all three Sinbad movies as well as Jason and the Argonauts together. When I took Loki over to Wayne's booth this was one of the first objects he noticed... and recognized.
These bronze skeletons were designed to be released for the 50th anniversary of the 1963 film "Jason and the Argonauts"... unfortunately Ray died that same year. These bronzes are registered to the Ray and Diana Harryhausen Foundation. There is a limited production of only 250 of each of these skeletons

When I attended university and working on my degree in Fine Art my minor was in Photography. One of our final assignments was to give a half hour lecture on something related to photography. While the others did oral presentations on Ansel Adams and the like, I chose Ray Harryhausen and concluded with a screening of The Children of the Hydra.  
I actually had an old Super 8 version of this film as a kid, which my brother and I would run in forward and reverse, frame by frame, capturing the exact moment that Jason would sever a skeleton's head.

One of Ray Harryhausen's drawings of the battle he envisioned and eventually filmed. This sequence combining 3 live actors with 7 animated skeletons was a landmark at the time and is still revered as one of the best animated sequences in film history.
When Tom Hanks awarded Ray Harryhausen with the Gordon E. Sawyer Award at the 1992 Oscars he said," People always debate what was the greatest film of all time, Some people say Casablanca or Citizen Kane... I say Jason and the Argonauts is the greatest film ever made".

And finally... here is a little known fact I wasn't aware of.
Seems that life comes full circle sometimes.

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