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Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Arte Tattoo: Diciembre No 33 (Argentina)

I just wanted to thank Daniel Martino for showing an interest in my work and personally taking the time to interview me for his magazine Arte Tattoo in Argentina. Sorry it took so long with the mails back and forth... but we did finish it before the New Year :-)
Originally the plan was for Nanna, Loki and I to be travelling to Rio over Christmas and New Years and then attending the convention with our friend Brent McCown and family. Unfortunately the dates of the convention were changed so we can't make it there this year but we hope that the article will be a little plaster on the sore for our South American friends.


Daniel used one of my hand tattooed designs on the inside cover to illustrate his editorial as well

Tattooing Eric out a Lejre a few years back using only soot and the ash of his dead father

Jannik's Hawiían inspired leg tattoo done using hand tools

Alex's award winning back piece depicting The World Tree 'Yggdrassil' with the Midgaards Serpent in the branches and Nilhögg gnawing the roots below

Francois' leg tattoo done using hand tools. The placement is inspired by traditional Hawaiían tattoos but we have used a European petroglyph of a honey gatherer surrounded by a geometric honeycomb pattern

 John's quadruple dragon leg sleeve. The largest dragon which is eating it's own tail has runes spelling "JordmungandR" which is a name for the Midgaards Serpent

A selection of hand and machine work.
Haarby Valkyrie and Hunnestad Axeman tattooed by hand while Odin's horse, Sleipner is tattooed by machine
A Haida Thunderbird sewn into the skin... while ships, a sun, ursus major and a Icelandic compass were all hand poked
Sköl & Hati pursue the sun/duck while the Fenris bitch continues down the leg... and finally Tyr sacifices his own hand while binding the Fenris wolf.
Per's leg tattoo depicting Tyr binding the Fenris wolf from the "Blood Gods" series
(mesteriously they used both the photos I send as well as a bad collage I made)
Keefer's leg dragons... one up, one down with a celtic mandala on his foot

Gorm's torso depicting the Midgaards Serpent and Fenris Wolf... two of Loki's children 

and a small collection of other work... Lindorm back piece, Crann Bethadh/Yggdrasil backpiece, and a few hand poked pieces from my travels. 

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