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Monday, 8 December 2014

Artistic Process: Ragnarok and other stories

Started and continued several projects the last little while with a menagerie of Nordic creatures on clients from far and wide


Thor's Hammer, 'Mjølner' with his goats Tanngrisnir & Tanngnjóstr who pulled his chariot through the sky
Done on an American Rugby player... gonna finish this before Christmas

 Odin's Ravens, Hugin & Munin
A continuation of Søren's Ragnarok tattoo from the "Blood Gods" series

Below Hugin & Munin we have Odin battling with the Fenris wolf at Ragnarok
The rest of the leg will be devoted to Thor's battle with the Midgaards Serpent

A couple of Søren's photos so you can better see the progress :-)

A continuation of Claus' thigh and ribs dragons
Just need to add scales on the second dragon and fill the nasty bits on the inner thigh
Should be finished next session I hope

 Start of a triple dragon sleeve on a German fencer. He has his daughter's name in runes under his bicep and wanted one of the dragons coming up to watch over her :-)

 Ragnarok : The End of Days.
Sköl & Hati flanking Thor's Hammer, Mjølner
Sköl & Hati were two wolves, the offspring of the Fenris wolf who pursued the Sun and Moon across the sky. Sometimes they would almost catch their prey, signalled by eclipses (which I have designed into the pattern in Mjølner) 
Sköl & Hati eventually devour the Sun and Moon signaling the start of Ragnarok 

 Well, we're now on Instagram... or actually Nanna is, but she's my biggest fan :-)
Start of a Thor's Hammer/Midgaards Serpent project.
The Midgaards Serpent is Thor's ancient nemesis and pictured here coiled around Mjølner and biting his own tail. This is on a Czech who lives in Ireland so we won't be continuing until the Spring, but got alot accomplished the first day

 Round 1: 
At this rate we may get this finished in 2 days :-)

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