Skin & Bone is a combination gallery and tattoo studio. The gallery will exhibit art and ethnographic handicrafts related to tattooing, while the studio will have Colin Dale tattooing alongside various guest artists throughout the year. Through his years of travelling and tattooing around the world Colin has had the pleasure to meet and work alongside a wide range of tattoo artists and experts working in ethnographic and other specialized styles. Amongst these friends, we have hand-tattooists from Borneo, Polynesia and Japan as well as some of the world's leading artists in Blackwork and Dotwork coming to visit. Check the homepage to see some of the work

Friday, 30 January 2015

Artistic Process: Hand tattoos and little things

A Scarabaeidae on a Flower of Life pattern tattooed on my friend Jonathan
A life changing tattoo

Finished up the "Sibling Rivalry" Tattoo with a Celtic Trinity Heart between the heads of the Dragon and Serpent.

Continuation of a Double Dragon Calf Wrap I've been working on... entirely by hand.
One dragon down... one to go

Start of a Nordic Wolf piece... tried to keep it a little more traditional Nordic, simple with more straight lines. Hopefully we'll be continuing with another wolf on the inside of the calf.

Filled a blank spot on Mikkel's arm with a Tetraskelion under the Raven we did last Summer at Lejre

Diamonds and Eight Ball get covered with a little Colinesian

Had another Marqueses inspired piece I did at least a decade ago at Lejre walk into the studio to make an appointment with our Polynesian guest artist Jean Michel Manutea. So I took the opportunity to take a few photos, as all my old ones were lost in the move and the flood 5 years back

Another Handpoked Colinesian piece I did many years back under an older armband (not my work) on a client who returned to get some Haida work

 Finished Haida Bear in one shot... hopefully he'll be back in another 10-12 years :-)

 Finally finished the Haida Tree flanked by a Couger and Wolf- Just had to add the tails which you don't see anyway under the bicep

Contra Bass heads on Birk who plays the same. 
Done only in dots.

I've been doing a lot of overtime these days... Lars and Camilla just had a baby so I'm alone in the studio and as I mostly work on larger pieces and full day sittings I usually don't even have time to press small things in during the day. As most people travelling or wanting smaller pieces don't wish to wait 6 months for an appointment I try to squeeze them in before opening, after closing or on the occasional weekend... this is an exception rather than a rule :-)

A Norwegian petroglyph and Rune on another travelling client

A couple runes to cover a couple badly done runes from someone's kitchen

A French client of my colleague Xoil wanted a Vejviser to guide him on his travels

A couple of travelling students wanting a small friendship tattoo while on Winter break.
I'm not sure of the symbolism of the Tower, but as they were from Olsztyn I couldn't help but think of Copernicus 

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