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Friday, 17 April 2015

Tätowier Magazine April 2015: Haida Tattoo Revival

My colleague Lars Martinen just returned from Germany were he ran across the latest issue of Tätowier Magazine. In it was an article on Haida tattooing written by my good friend Claire Aremyz about the history and more modern revival of the style we've been seeing grow year by year within tattooing. I'm very proud to be able to promote in a small way this style from my homeland within Europe.
I just wanted to Thank Dirk Boris, editor of Tätowier Magazine for always showing an interest and promoting the cultural history of tattooing. Claire Artemyz who put together a beautiful article on the Haida traditions as well as using examples of my own work as inspiration. and Lars Krutak for supplying the archieval photos which put this style into a historical context. 



  1. Just thought I'd comment, since some of my relatives are in the photographs in that magazine, and I've been admiring your tattoos from afar for years. I'm Haida, and love the old style art. My brother has been learning on hand-poke tools, but has only completed a couple of tattoos for friends (he did one tonight actually - the reason I looked up your page again). I've been holding out hope that I can find a way to get a tattoo from you of one of the petroglyphs on the rocks at our traditional fishing spot. Your work is beautiful; thanks for keeping the art alive!

    1. Thanks Stephanie,
      Haven't been to Canada in a few years... maybe our paths will cross somedaý :-)