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Sunday, 7 June 2015

Nordic Dragons and the Blood Gods

Started and finished up quite a few Dragon and Blood God projects this past week. Been busy every weekend and evening since returning from the Nepal Convention and haven't had time to do any longer correspondance, but figured I should post some pieces just so everyone knows that I am still alive :-)


Starting on Vitruvian Thor (inspire by Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man) which I made for the Florence Tattoo Convention poster this year

I originally started designing the "Blood Gods" with simple graphics and straight lines so that I would be able to tattoo them by hand in a reasonable time... so despite the size and fact that it was on the ribs I decided that I had to do this by hand

 My mock up for the Florence Tattoo Convention... this is not the final poster

 A larger double Dragon piece on an older client who still wants to stay within the T-shirt/shorts area.
That doesn't mean that you still can't get some serious work done

 Life and Death... 
An Italian client who lost his father shortly before his daughter was born.
The Dragon Nilhögg devours the World Tree Yggdrasil in flames. From the ashes spring new life

Thor "vs" The Midgaards Serpent from the "Blood Gods" series 

Nanna's Instagram showing some details 

 Loki's Childen from the "Blood Gods" series
Here is a detail of Hel, Mistress of the Underworld holding The Midgaard Serpent's tail and The Fenris Wolfs leash under the bicep.

Tetraskelion Dragons to represent her four children

 Triskele Dragons with double rings symbolizing a couple, family and eternity

Thor again in combat with his nemesis The Midgaards Serpent... fron the "Blood Gods" series
This time on a Norwegian client... finally finished after an extended break.

Full calf Dragon on another Italian client. 
A lot larger than we had planned on and got started later than expected. I've been digging through alot of my old machines the last few weeks and decided to try to speed up the process by using a fast liner on this one, however I really wasn't expecting the results I got from my Forward facing Single coil machine from John Clark. Wacked in this big grouping in less than 3 hours... all ready for shading.

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