Skin & Bone is a combination gallery and tattoo studio. The gallery will exhibit art and ethnographic handicrafts related to tattooing, while the studio will have Colin Dale tattooing alongside various guest artists throughout the year. Through his years of travelling and tattooing around the world Colin has had the pleasure to meet and work alongside a wide range of tattoo artists and experts working in ethnographic and other specialized styles. Amongst these friends, we have hand-tattooists from Borneo, Polynesia and Japan as well as some of the world's leading artists in Blackwork and Dotwork coming to visit. Check the homepage to see some of the work

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Artistic Process: Hand Tattooing

 I haven't had a home computer for most of the year... while this has it's advantages, it isn't so good for my answering e-mails or doing blog posts

To all you Hipsters with your beards and flannel jackets... 
this is what a "Real" Forest Ranger looks like ;-)

Hugin & Munin over a 2 day visit

Odin's Spear, Gungner
The inspiration for this design was the Polynesian leg stripes common to the Hawaiían Islands, however a more Nordic version. Unfortunately for a spear to be recognizable as a spear it has to be long and thin. We stretched the design as much as we could onto the ribs however the thinness of the shaft didn't do justice to the placement.
Solution: We did the spear in the center negative space with a runetext, then flanked it on each side with a row of Celtic Key Patterns to give the design more girth.
Still need a healed photo of this design :-)

A Rose and some Rune Magic on a Slavic walk-in

 Always a pleasure to tattoo other tattooists... despite the lack of space :-)

 Double Rune Dragons around an older tattoo of Odin & Sleipner
Started this at Lejre in the Summer and finished in the studio after returning from the 
"Burn & Pillage Tour"

Continued this Colinesian/Formline on Thorsten
Unfortunately I was as sick as a dog that day, but since he came all the way from Sweden I made the effort to put in a few hours. Will be continued in January

 Started a Formline Yggdrasil on Willy... Eagle in the branches, Ratatosk running down the trunk to whisper in the ear of Nidhögg. The Dragon will be entwined in the roots below the belt after New Years

Even more of an honour than tattooing tattooists, is tattooing ones wife. Actually very daunting as it is a tattooist whos work I admire and this is her first tattoo.

 These Rus-Dragons are going to take a while... but it's not going anywhere

 As there is no evidence of the Dotwork technique ever being used for cultural tattooing, the Vikings tattoos may have more resembled this Linework design.
One healed, one fresh

 Continued on Malte's back with a few more symbols

 Tattooed a Pictish Wild Boar on our guest artist Jean Michel Manutea. The Picts were given their name by to Romans (same root as "picture") due to the designs that they painted on their bodies and pricked into their skin. This design is typical of carvings found on various standing stones throughout Scotland... the last stronghold of these warriors

 Healed photo... may have to touch up a few lines next visit

Olaf's first tattoo... a Rune Dragon with the names of his siblings. I drew a dragon on Olaf at Lejre about 15 years back and he couldn't wait until he was 18 to get the real thing like his sisters :-)

 Continued on Anita's leg sleeve over a couple days. 
Hoping to cotinue on it in May at the Traditional Tattoo and World Culture Festival in Mallorca

I tattooed Niklas and Lisa at the Børre Viking Market a few years back. Unfortunately I had to cancel our trip to Norway this year... but the Vikings weren't afraid to travel, (either then or now) so they made the pilgrimage to Copenhagen instead :-)

I got a healed photo of the Niklas' whale petroglyph and got to continue on some Inuit sewing we had started.
 You can see some of the earlier process on the "Roots" video here

Did two handpoked Inuit wristbands on Lisa as well as a matching one on her mother Birgitta

 Family tattoos


Pretty much finished the outline on Fie's Dragons... now it is just lots of dots

 Did this Sun symbol from Bornholm after a photograph of it she took as a child

Sun Dancer of my own design

Finished Hugin & Munin on Jonathan around an older Sugar Skull we did several years back 
(also handpoked) 

 Did these on the shoulder caps, so hard to get a good photo of them

Start of a Petroglyph project with patterned background... we will be continuing down the arm at a later point.

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