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Thursday, 22 December 2016

Artistic Process: Machine Tattooing

Well it appears that the only thing that I tattoo with machine theses days is large scale freehand Nordic dragons. This is probably due more to time considerations than anything else... as a large portion of my clientele are from abroad and if I only worked with hand tools I would be limited to a half a dozen clients a year.
Anyway, here are some things I'm working on and a few others I smashed out in record time.
See you all next year

Single dragon  sleeve, chest and shoulderblade with runes in negative with an Anglo Saxon Swastika pattern background.

One is never enough
A forearm dragon becomes a sleeve on an American client... to be continued

One Raven on a client now living Sri Lanka... this will be finished and a second Raven added to the other arm at a later date

One shot Nordic Deer around an onder Celtic piece on Jan Ronald from Holland

Runes, Honeycomb and Scallop scales on a Triple Dragon sleeve and chest

One shot Forearm Wrap Dragon

and the Happy Client ;-) 

It's not always about Dragons

A little Cobblestone Dragon filler around some floral patters by another artist in England

Raven Sword
Only a couple hours left on this
A Celtic Lion on his left shoulderblade... 
I made this tattoo the first week I started tattooing over 20 years back :-)

Another foreign client just in for a few days gets a Rune Dragon with Rope Twists
We'll continue with another on the forearn up at a later date

Another Rune and Rope Dragon. 
I usually forget to take photos of the freehand work
The finished half sleeve over 2 days

Some healed photos of a Birthday Suit
Happy 50th
Four Dragons around a Hammer with a "Blood Gods" Gryllemask
Dragons protect chest
Hammer covers back

One brutally large Dragon around a calf... the head alone covers a third of the distance

A Nordic Phoenix wrapping around from bicep to forearm

Single Dragon calf wrap with butally thick lines

One shot half sleeve Dragon

Three Dragons... Two Days... First Tattoo
An export to Tromsø in Northern Norway... a real Viking, this man didn't make a peep over two 10 hour days. He began to shake at one point so I asked him if he needed a break... he said, "No, just a blanket, it's a little chilly"

Knotwork meets Sacred Geometry.... with a little Rune Magic

Freya's Two Blue Cats
I based this design on Norwegian Forest Cats... Freya has two blue cats who pull her chariot around
A healed photo sent by my client (the smaller Celtic Cat is not my work)

Start of a Wolf filler on the ribs of a Czech client... to be continued in February

 Start of a Thigh Wrap featuring Thor riding down from Asgaard in his wagon pulled by his two goats Tanngrisnir&Tanngnóstr to do battle with the Midgaards Serpent
Part of the "Blood Gods" series
 Sorry for all the red and blue marker... but I didn't think he wanted to be rubbed down with alchohol at this point ;-)


  1. love your art work. i’m hoping to travel to your tattoo studio for a nordic dragon sleeve.