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Thursday, 19 June 2014

Ink-N-Iron: Long Beach California 2014

After a great week in Russia, Cirkeline and I travelled by Orient Express from Moscow to St Petersburg where we highjacked the Red Scorpion and set sail for the Ink"N"Iron Convention in Long Beach to torpedo the Queen Mary.
The Ink"N"Iron Convention was great... lots of fantastic bands, hotrod cars and loads of vendors for people not getting tattooed. Unfortunately I was occupied below deck until after close on every night so I didn't get to partake in any of the festivities. However I did get to do some fantastic work over the weekend on a few lucky individuals. 
I'd just like to thank my clients for putting up with some long hours laying on a cold hard floor... we were promised a small stage, but the American Conventions don't have much experience with traditional tattooing. Something we're hoping to rectify in the future :-)


The Queen Mary beside the Red Scorpion... Cirkeline selfie :-)

Day 1
First tattoo on Jorge from Mexico
Quetzalcoatl the Aztec feathered serpent done over 9 hours

And the inspiration

Day 2
A freehand Dragon forearm wrap on a client who drove from Texas
Couldn't get it to function around the Ægir's Hjelm so we placed it in the pit of the elbow instead :-)
Done over 11 hours 

Tattooed a client of Pat Fish on the final day.
Bill already had a Nordic dragon on his left arm inspired by my work and done by Pat after I refered him to her :-)

Day 3
Didn't have time for a triple dragon sleeve on Bill, but was able to do a Dragon Triskele.
Based on Migration Period brooches but using my own dragon heads
Done over 7 hours

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